Figure of "snowy" Amy Winehouse in a black top, height 16 cm


a video with a hero figure on youtube
Amy Winehouse statuette (black and white version).
I wanted to convey the fragility of life and the uniqueness of this amazingly talented girl rock musician.
Amy Winehouse's merch is inspired by the work and fate of the eccentric British singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse, who worked in various genres, including R&B, soul and jazz.
I worked on this image with great love, trying to convey the fragility of this beautiful, extraordinarily talented young woman who lacked human stay alive.
The image of the singer is reproduced from photographs, her clothes, fragile build, tilt of the head to the right shoulder, hairstyle, tattoos, roses, makeup, earring, a rhinestone above the lip.
The figure is cast from modified gypsum, durable, heavy (~ 800 g). Painting: acrylic, watercolor. It is covered with glossy acrylic varnish.
Packed in a box with themed stickers.
The circulation is 50 copies. The copy number, the year of creation, the author's signature is located at the bottom of the statuette.
Bonuses: free shipping in Russia, a sheet of rock stickers is attached, in case of loss or damage to the parcel, we send a repeat for free.
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