David Bowie FigurineZiggy Stardust, height 15 cm

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The David Bowie figurine reproduces the image of Ziggy Stardust (English Ziggy Stardust; Stardust in Russian. Stardust is a fictional character created by David Bowie, who is the central figure of his conceptual glam rock album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars and whose image develops in the album Aladdin Sane.
Ziggy Bowie's androgynous image was inspired by makeup and kabuki theater productions.
The hairstyle, a fiery red mallet, is inspired by photographs from the first show of the Kansai Yamoto show in Harper's Bazaar magazine, in which the Japanese designer used wigs that imitated the mane of a kabuki lion. The famous black suit with silver stripes was created by Kansai Yamoto himself.
The golden astral circle on the forehead is the exit point of the astral projection. There is the sixth chakra of the third eye — Ajna, which is responsible for creative inspiration, the development of spirituality, and awareness of the path of life.
The figure is cast from modified gypsum, durable, heavy (~ 550 g). Painting: acrylic, watercolor. It is covered with glossy acrylic varnish.
The circulation is 50 copies. The casting number, the year of creation, the author's signature is on the back.
The rock musician figurine is packed in a box with themed stickers, and it is a ready-made gift to a rock musician, a guy on the other side, a husband who has everything. Bonuses: free shipping in Russia, a sheet of rock stickers is attached, in case of loss or damage to the parcel, we send a repeat for free.
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