John Lennon figurine, height 14 cm

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The brilliant John Lennon. A heartfelt gift for connoisseurs of rock music.
I love classical rock music and the work of English rock musicians The Beatles. And, of course, John Lennon, a fighter for peace throughout the world.
In the portrait, she tried to convey the introvert's tenacity in striving for an unattainable goal. The image was created from photographs of the musician with a repetition of the legendary denim jacket, T-shirt, hairstyle, glasses.

The sculptures were made by me, Larisa Churkina, from clay modeling, molding, casting, painting, varnishing to soldering glasses. This is the work of a completely single artist. The busts are packed in themed gift boxes.
Each copy has the signature of the author and a circulation number.

There are only 50 copies in the world.
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