Michael Jackson figurine, height 14 cm

The appearance of the musician is reproduced from photographs: a sharp turn of the head with developing hair, a gold jacket with silver lapels, addition, hairstyle, makeup.
I wanted to convey the brightness, brilliance, mobility, like mercury or molten metal of this amazing musician.
The figure is cast from modified gypsum, durable, heavy (~ 600 g). Painting: acrylic, watercolor, golden potala. It is covered with glossy acrylic varnish.

The circulation is 50 copies. The casting number, the year of creation, the author's signature is located at the bottom. Packed in a box with themed stickers.
Bonuses: free shipping in Russia, a sheet of rock stickers is attached, in case of loss or damage to the parcel, we send a repeat for free.
There are only 50 copies in the world.
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