Figure of Paul McCartney in a black jacket, height 14 cm

a video with a hero figure on youtube
A figurine of a talented British musician, an extraordinarily prolific composer, a unique melodist of the twentieth century. A cheerful, easy-going man with a great sense of humor, whom the whole world knows.
The figure is cast from m modified gypsum, durable, heavy (~ 700 g). Painting: acrylic, watercolor. It is covered with glossy acrylic varnish.
The circulation is 50 copies. The casting number, the year of creation, the author's signature is located at the bottom of the statuette.
Bonuses: free shipping in Russia, a sheet of rock stickers is attached, in case of loss or damage to the parcel, we send a repeat for free.
So what should I put near the music center, a bust of Mussorgsky or Paul McCartney?
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