Kurt Cobain figurine, height 14 cm more details

a video with a hero figure on youtube
He has not parted with his guitar since he was 14 years old. He slouches because he doesn't part with her. The guitar is his true love. He could play a guitar solo while standing on his head. He has created five albums in his short creative life. Without Nirvana, there would have been no real grunge heyday in the 90s.
With love for Kurt Cobain, his talent, sincerity, fearlessness and unconventional self-expression, I created this statuette.
The sculpture is cast from modified gypsum, durable, heavy (~700 g). Painting: acrylic, watercolor. It is covered with glossy acrylic varnish.
The casting number, the year of creation, the author's signature is located at the bottom of the statuette.
Bonuses: free shipping in Russia, a sheet of rock stickers is attached, in case of loss or damage to the parcel, we send a repeat for free.
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