David Bowie 'Flash' Lightning Bolt Sculpture, height 15 cm, 300 copies

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So I was in love with David Bowie, and I still love him. He seemed like an "alien" in Soviet times.
I even had his 1986 album Absolute Beginners at the time.
He changed his images like a chameleon, was selfless, sincere, fierce and a gentleman!
The image of David Bowie with a red zipper appeared on the cover of the famous album "Aladdin Sane", 1973. The lightning bolt on his face symbolized the split in David's personality, the duality of his nature.
Just a few facts:
He traveled the country of the USSR by train from the Far East to Moscow in 1973.
He had a concert at the Kremlin Palace in 1996. After which he promised never to come to our country. Here is what the organizer of this concert, Artemy Troitsky, wrote: "The Kremlin Palace of Congresses was not a hall for David Bowie... they did such a thing that the entire orchestra right in front of the stage were VIP seats, and there were tables, some oligarchs, some officials, some Dozing daddies with their chicks, and those chicks were talking directly on mobile phones during the concert. All in all, it was terrible. It broke the atmosphere. Bowie was in a pretty bad mood because he saw everything from the stage." And sincere fans and fans turned out to be in the gallery.
And there were a lot of unsold tickets, empty seats.
In my life, in my work, David Bowie played an inspiring role, discovering unknown worlds.
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